TM KiraNova offers a cooperation and provide a rich variety of wedding dresses, evening dress models and original children’s dresses of our production. Ordering wedding dresses wholesale from us, you will be provided with goods affordable, at the same time, ensuring a consistently high quality of tailoring all models, using only high quality materials and the latest technology processing.

Due to its long experience in the market, the KiraNova company has many partners and associates almost the entire territory of Russia, Ukraine and even Europe, we also managed for a short time to win recognition of our customers and gain the respect of colleagues on the market. We are constantly working to improve the technology and improvement the services.

Information for buyers:

  • term of orders are from 14 to 20 working days, depending on the number of items in the order and the queue at the time of ordering. Please note that on weekends and public holidays we do not work.
  • first minimum order must contain 3 pieces.
  • you can place an order in any convenient way by mail or phone. When ordering, be sure to include your contact information, that is necessary to contact you.
  • placing an order is accompanied by an advance payment of 50%, after which the order is given to the work.
  • ordering dresses, specify the model number, color and size.

Delivery is carried out at the expense of the customer in any convenient way.


Becoming a representative of TM «KiraNova», You get:

  1. exclusive right to sell the original wedding and evening dresses and accessories to them;
  2. timely and without delay order fulfillment;
  3. long-term and reliable partnership.