About TM KiraNova
About TM KiraNova

The KiraNova trademark has been working in the wedding dress market for 7 years. Therefore, we can safely say about great experience in this sphere.

Our company is a subsidiary of KiraNova. We can offer a wide range of premium wedding outfits and accessories. We always try to expand the assortment of our products due to modern trends in wedding fashion. KiraNova is a permanent participant of different fashion show throughout Ukraine and Europe. It makes us able to develop our collections.

Catalog of products features hundreds of unique and original wedding dresses. Our clients can be confident in quality of them for each instance. We offer outfits that made by using high-quality materials and most advanced technologies of making textiles. All our outfits are decorated with exclusive and luxurious accessories. They fully comply with pictures in our catalog by all the criteria.

Moreover, TM KiraNova practices the individual treatment for each client. We carefully listen to needs of our customers. You can be sure that our products would be a fulfillment of desires of any woman or a little girl. Also, we a ready for cooperation with wholesalers. They will get our best quality at an affordable price. Moreover, we make everything to minimize the time of delivering and ordering. We made a simple system of orders. Our online administrators are always ready to help our customers. Also, you are able to contacts us by email or Skype. Our company cooperates with many delivery services. It allows for quick transportation to any corner of the country.

TM KiraNova also makes discounts and promotions on wedding dresses. We can offer high product quality at really affordable prices. All our advantages allows our customers for proper and effective organization of successful business of selling wedding gowns in all cities and territories.